Communication Action



・ 以下のいずれかの分野において、マニュアル原稿作成の実務経験が2年以上あること。

・ マニュアルに関わる各種規格について精通していること。
・ マニュアル作成のディレクション経験があること。
・ 英語をベースとした多言語展開のマニュアル制作経験およびディレクション経験があること。



Looking for a part-time, in-house Japanese to English copywriter / translator

■ Desired abilities
・ Can understand written Japanese well enough to produce high-level English copywriting
・ Lives in the Kinki region (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, etc.) and can travel to our Kyoto office
・ Has at least five years practical experience with this type of work

■ Field: Industrial equipment (B to B)

■ Materials: Sales tools (mainly product catalogs)

■ Work details: English copywriting using Japanese catalogs, etc. as base materials

■ Desired skills: Has a well-developed ability to write expressive headlines, tag lines, body copy, etc. that strongly emphasize the advantages of individual products and capture the attention of the reader

■ Application documents: Resume including personal history and details of relevant work experience, as well as work samples if possible

Please submit all relevant documents via e-mail to by the end of February.